Monday, September 14, 2009

Call to Action


This is a very special project I'm working on in Oak Cliff. The strip of Jefferson Boulevard from around Sunset High School to west past Westmoreland has HUGE swaths of grass medians, some up to 90 feet wide and 300 feet + long. It's a bit boring in most folk's minds. So a group of us are trying to do something to make it a nicer, more beautiful "park-like" setting.

If you've not heard, there is a grass-roots organization of folks looking to add trees (and eventually, hiking paths, more shrubs and perennials, etc) to the Jefferson Medians from just west of Sunset HS to the Cockrell Hill city limits.

But with the recent budget cuts in the City of Dallas, our 1st Phase of Tree planting on Jefferson at Hampton is in jeopardy of being delayed yet another year. Yes, we have the Trees donated (Bur Oaks and Red Maples), no problem there. But we need to make up the shortfall of about $2,000 to pay to have the holes dug and get the Gator Bags (to help water) - and if we have enough extra, then we may be able to afford a watering truck to deliver the water which we have to commit to doing for the first 2 years.

PLEASE donate what ever amount you can thru the Pay-pal on this site.

Our plan is to plant in late October or early November, and we'll need volunteers to help put trees in the ground and water them for the next 2 years.

So if you want to see BIG, BEAUTIFUL TREES (and maybe more), HELP-DONATE - VOLUNTEER!

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