Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Thanks to Robert Bellamy Design!

Small community movements like the Jefferson Median Beautification Project count on businesses like Robert Bellamy Design to help out with in-kind gifts.

For our tree planting project back in December 2009, Robert Bellamy Design donated four crew members to dig 18 holes for the large trees. For the uninitiated, the soil in Oak Cliff is notoriously rocky. It took Bellamy's guys a total of 8 hours to dig the holes!

Big thanks to Robert Bellamy Design + crew for their commitment to helping out the JMBP. Their hard work made the tree planting project a lot more enjoyable, and gave the weekend volunteers a break from this arduous task. Thanks, guys!

Robert Bellamy Design is an independent Dallas business specializing in landscape installation and architectural development. Visit them online at

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