Friday, April 9, 2010

Build a Better Block

In conjunction with this weekend's 2nd Annual Art Crawl in Oak Cliff, the area of shops along 7th and Polk will transform into a temporary "plaza" style locale in an effort to show the city what the are could become - with its support (Are you listening, City Hall?). Expect to see a temporary bike lane, pop up flower and gift shop called Wigwam, and other fun happenings.

Also happening this weekend is the unveiling of Oak Cliff's latest (and seemingly endless) endeavors to build a better home - the Thing Small campaign. From the Go Oak Cliff blog:

"[The campaign's] major push is to recognize that the places people value and spend time are made up of small elements, whereas Dallas tends to look at massive works projects like signature bridges, half-billion dollar hotels, and major roadway construction, which do very little to create a sense of place. It’s the small plaza here, the neighborhood coffee shop there, and the community that lingers outdoors and plays that makes a lively, and engaging space. In other words, it’s not about the Eiffel Tower projects, it’s about the outdoor cafe and what makes that work…or worse, what hurts it’s development."

Sign me up for this campaign - bumper sticker, please!

(Read more at Unfair Park.)

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